Why You Should Spend Your Summer Learning Italian in Florence

Why You Should Spend Your Summer Learning Italian in Florence

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A language is not just an assembly of grammar and words. It is an important tool of communication and a purveyor of a nation’s culture. Thus immersing yourself in the Italian language is actually immersing yourself in the immensely rich Italian culture.

If you want to learn the beautiful Italian language there is no better place to do so than to take Italian courses in Italy itself. Since you will be living in the country where all communication is in Italian, learning won’t just be restricted to the classroom but to your life outside the class as well. You will read it, listen to it and speak it both inside and outside classroom on a daily basis. This will allow you to make very rapid progress.

In Italy, perhaps with the exception of Rome, no city ably represents its rich culture than Florence. Located in the north of the country, Florence is rightfully the home of the Renaissance. It is in this majestic city that the world-famous intellectual movement started and spread its tentacles to all other parts of Italy and Europe. Thanks to its historical position as a town within the Roman Empire and the birthplace of the Renaissance, few cities in Italy, and indeed Europe, rival Florence in wealth and depth of culture.

When you learn Italian in Florence, you will have a fun and stimulating environment that allows you to not just read and speak the language but also enjoy it. When taking Italian courses you will fully participate in Italian together with your classmates and teachers for exemple like in this school abcschool.com. No method of learning a foreign language beats participation in effectiveness. It helps to not just practice the language but also understand the emotions that are related to the words of the language. Italian, as it is often said, is a musical language. This musicality might not be apparent when reading it but you can feel it in the spoken Italian when spoken by native speakers.

Outside class you will be immersed in the marvellous Italian culture that is dominant in Florence- the festivals, coffee houses, museums and art galleries housing some of the finest artworks of famous Renaissance men such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Donatello. The city is very much a modern city but in very corner of it you feel the breath of culture and art that is partly rooted in the times of the Roman Empire but chiefly in the Renaissance. Every street is replete with buildings that are architectural masterpieces. Wherever you go, whether in the city or its countryside, you will definitely enjoy not just the beauty of the buildings and the environment but also the warm welcome of the thoroughly outgoing Italian people.

The city is also extremely secure. Security incidences are a rarity. You can walk alone at any time of the night without fear of anything bad happening to you. This is important because as a student you may want to go and have fun at night with your friends or even alone.

Regardless of your reasons of learning Italian, Florence is the best place to learn the language of Dante. Once you have been there you will realize why it is no accident that more than two fifths of students in the city are study abroad students eager to learn Italian in Florence.